Want to replace your bracelet strap?

Or maybe buy a new color for a loved one?

Here you go! We offer a wide selection of colored straps,

and also additional pads for your scented jewellery.

  • Pads


    <p><strong>The different colored pads are the "heart" of your scented jewelry for aromatherapy</strong>. You get the basic set for free! With the purchase of any ViaAroma jewelry.</p> <p></p> <p>Made of a solid, thick material, which high absorbency will allow you to enjoy the blissful, relaxing scent. They will serve you throughout the day by using on them just two or three drops of essential oil.</p> <p></p> <p>The variety of colors will give you a chance to match the pads to your outfit or mood. You can add the pads to a selected gift from the scented jewellery collection that you picked for a loved one.</p>
  • Bracelet strap

    Bracelet strap

    <p>Bracelet strap, double, made of high-quality 100% natural leather, hand-made, standard length 60 cm.</p>
  • Chains


  • elementy biżuterii

    elementy biżuterii

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