Orange- Sweet Essential Oil

Zapach przepiękny.

By: Kateryna 07/06/2023

LADY Essential oil blend

Bardzo kobiecy, dodający pewnosci siebie, seksowny. Mąż myślał że to nowe perfumy...

By: Klaudia 11/01/2023

Workshop: Handy Pharmacy

Polecam warsztaty z całego serca, pełen profesjonalizm. W trakcie warsztatów panowała bardzo miła atmosfera, można było zadawać pytania, na które zawsze otrzymywało się odpowiedź. Najlepsza inwestycja na okres jesienno-zimowy i nie tylko ! Mała apteczka jest zawsze pod rękę w domu oraz w podróży.

By: Karolina 11/21/2023

Frankincense- Around The World Essential Oil

Piękny głęboki zapach. Wywołuje błogi, szeroki uśmiech na twarzy. Natychmiastowa poprawa nastroju, szczególnie, kiedy listopadowa aura za oknem.

By: Asia 11/23/2023

LADY Essential oil blend

Mieszanka Ona noszona w bransoletce świetnie wpływa na nasz nastrój każdego dnia; wyregulowała mi układ hormonalny; samopoczucie jest dużo lepsze; wpływa na kobiecość i postrzeganie siebie; mega polecam wszystkim kobietkom

By: Ewelina 03/19/2024

Orange- Sweet Essential Oil

Olejek świetnie pobudza; dodaje zdrowej energii na cały dzień; wpływa pozytywnie na nastrój i samopoczucie, działa antydepresyjnie i zmniejsza nerwowość. Polecam z całego serca

By: Ewelina 03/19/2024


zapach cudowny, polecam z całego serca

By: MONIKA 05/17/2024

Oregano Essential Oil

Polecam przy problemach z pasożytami, Znakomita jakość.

By: Iwona 07/10/2024

Natural Products

Strength comes from nature, so due to the numerous health benefits, it is worth replacing artificial air fresheners with natural essential oils.

In our offer you will find a wide selection of natural essential oils that will help you relieve headaches, runny nose or help you relax and calm your nerves. These are just exemplary benefits. More healing curiosities can be found in the description of each oil. Our products are 100% natural.

  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils

    <p>Why Via Aroma oils?</p> <p></p> <p>We import our oils only from certified distilleries and additionally test them in Poland. The oils are pure and natural, retaining the therapeutic effects of plants. We take care of the plants so that they are grown in an ecological way and are not over-exploited. And also for workers on farms and distilleries, so that they have fair employment conditions. The highest quality natural essential oils by ViaAroma, which have a positive effect on the entire body and are 100% natural. Choose those essential oils whose aroma attracts you the most. Listen to your body, it's true needs.</p>
  • Essential Oil Blends

    Essential Oil Blends

    <p>ViaAroma's collection of essential oil blends are 100% pure essential oils, balanced down to the last drop. All compositions have been made with great care to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Each blend serves different purposes, they have many uses, from bringing you into a state of relaxation, through energy boosting, taking care of hormonal balance, to fighting viruses and increasing immunity. We have mixtures dedicated to women and men - the so-called Aphrodisiacs.</p> <p></p> <p>If you don't want to waste time mixing different oils, you feel that you lack knowledge about combining individual aromas, or you don't want to buy several bottles of oils to create one blend - take advantage of our experience and choose a ready-made product that meets your needs.</p> <p></p> <p>As you explore our essential oil blends, you'll find both delicate, fresh citrus notes and intoxicating spicy aromas, all made with only natural ingredients. Our mixes never contain artificial additives.</p> <p></p> <p>Browse, enjoy and be inspired. Find your favorite blend of essential oils!</p>
  • Essential Oils Sets

    Essential Oils Sets

    <p>We present you the highest quality ViaAroma essential oil sets, our oil sets are 100% natural. Choose the set of essential oils that suits you best, the one that will ensure harmony and allow you to enjoy your favorite fragrance throughout the day</p>
  • Natural Perfumes

    Natural Perfumes

    <p>Natural perfumes are specially composed fragrances that will envelop your body and make you feel special. Carefully selected ingredients that come from the natural environment emphasize the essence of each bottle of perfume. They can be purchased in several colors. You can choose from elegant, white or black, crystal packaging, as well as the crystal itself with a golden cap. You can also choose a roll-on version with a convenient applicator. In our store, we value the passion for zodiac signs - you will find fragrances for all of them here! Or maybe you will discover a previously unknown incredible composition of natural perfumes?</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>In the range of natural perfumes from ViaAroma you can delv in a multitude of floral absolutes. Damask rose, jasmine or frangipani - these are just some of the marvellous fragrances that will suit every owner. In addition, our products are made for people who are allergic to synthetic perfumes.</p>
  • Cosmetics

  • Hydrolates


    <p>Hydrolates are universal cosmetics that can be used as a tonic, base for other cosmetics or body mist. ViaAroma hydrolates are 100% natural. Thanks to the use of the highest quality oils, hydrosols will bring peace, harmony and a better mood to your life.</p>
  • Roll-On


    <p>We offer fragrances for each zodiac sign that will perfectly match your energy. It's not only a nice aroma, but above all a huge dose of health. ViaAroma natural perfume is a perfect idea for a gift. In the Roll-On bottle you will also buy properly selected blends of essential oils that are 100% natural.</p>
  • Sprays


    <p>ViaAroma air fresheners perfectly moisturize the air in any room. In addition, they will ensure a better mood and a pleasant aroma. Sprays are made of the highest quality certified essential oils. Our air fresheners do not contain harmful chemicals.</p>
  • Base Oils

    Base Oils

    <p>The highest quality ViaAroma base oils are necessary to fully profit from the benefits of aromatherapy. Choose the ones that suit your needs and enjoy the unique experience of our oils.</p>
  • Scented Candles

    Scented Candles

    <p>ViaAroma scented candles for aromatherapy most importantly have a minimalist design and are made of natural wax and the highest quality essential oils. Our aromatherapy scented candles are a 100% natural products that will provide a phenomenal fragrance, peace and harmony in your life.</p>
  • Miscellaneous


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Natural spray against mosquitoes, ticks and flies. The spray consists of 100% natural and highest quality certified essential oils. Contains no harmful chemicals! Amber glass bottle with spray tip, vol. 100 ml.
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