Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasmine absolute (3%) with jojoba oil in a roll-on (10 ml capacity).

In the right proportions for everyday use.

A brown 10 ml bottle with a metal ball at the end for easier application.

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100% natural jasmine absolute oil (3%) in jojoba carrier oilJasmine perfume in a roll-on is a combination of 100% natural jasmine absolute with jojoba oil, which additionally nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

When you hear the word jasmine, you imagine the delicate aroma of summer flowers floating in the air. Extremely feminine, subtle fragrance perfect for an elegant woman!

Jasmine absolute is extremely expensive, because to produce 1 liter of pure absolute you need as many as 8 million flowers, which require extremely delicate treatment. Jasmine flowers are harvested by hand to obtain the best quality absolute. Crumpled flowers can completely change the aroma to downright unpleasant.

This is one of the few flowers that is not subjected to the distillation process, so as not to destroy the delicate characteristic aroma in the heating process.

Natural solvents are used to create an absolute extract.

These flowers are used in some cultures in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of purity, innocence and happiness. They add flavor to green tea.

Jasmine absolute has been regularly used for many years by perfume companies to create characteristic toilet waters, bath liquids, and body lotions. Absolut perfectly harmonizes with many other fragrances.

The scent of jasmine is one of the most wonderful aromas in the world. A small drop of this precious absolute is enough to add elegance to the resulting perfumes or massage oils.

We have created a 100% natural perfume for you, combining the highest quality caring jojoba oil with 3% jasmine absolute. Thanks to this form, you can easily apply the oil directly to the skin - as a perfume. This oil will also be perfect for face massage - before applying the cream (smoothes wrinkles, brightens the complexion).

Natural jasmine perfume will support your nervous system, eliminate tensions and fears, you will feel light and happy!

Jasmine will help you get rid of all blockages and limitations, will give you self-confidence, and because it's an excellent aphrodisiac, it will help to create a nice atmosphere for the evening.

Always have it with you - feel like an extraordinary woman!

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